How did Dr.Ambedkar got elected to the Constituent Assembly?

By Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha
Then how did, in spite of strong opposition from Congress Dr.Ambedkar got elected to the Constituent Assembly?

From 1916 to 1942 Dr. Ambedkar had united all the untouchables in India. Meaning they were creating one nation-wide agitation. As a result of this on 18, 19, 20 July 1942 Scheduled Caste Federation (SCF) organized its national conference in Nagpur, Maharastra. For this national conference 75,000 activists attended. Out of this were 50,000 men and 25,000 women. In this conference Dr. Ambedkar delivered a historic speech. He said “Our struggle is not for wealth and power but it is for self respect and freedom.” Two categories of people took note of this nationwide struggle. (a) British (b) Gandhi and his Congress

(a)  After observing Ambedkar’s nationwide agitation and its strength British government rattled, they made Ambedkar labour minister with three additional charges.

(1)  Labour

(2)  Energy (Electricity)

(3)  Irrigation (water resources)

(4)  P.W.D (Public Works Department)

British took note of Dr.Ambedkar’s nationwide agitation and made Ambedkar a minister with not one, two and three portfolios but gave his four ministries. Today it is miserable plight of those who take the name of Babasaheb as they ‘adjust’ for one seat. This is because to believe Babasaheb is different from to take his name injaijaikar. Because those who believe in Babasaheb they risk lives to complete the task of Babasaheb’s incomplete task. They do not make any compromises on this. And those who simply utter the name of Babasaheb meaning they indulge in jayjaykar only they do not have any need to do any work of Babasaheb. Because they are worshippers. Babasaheb wanted more people who are practical implementers but the uncountable crop is of the worshippers. Those Babasaheb told to become heavy weights in the balance they have become adjustable for one-two seats. Those Babasaheb told to become ruling community they are trying to make enemy ruling community. The Congress that has not left a single seat for Dr.Ambedkar to get elected to the Constituent Assembly, the same Congress is being made ruling party. Why are those indulging in the jaijaykar of Ambedkar had to ask for one and two seats with Congress and Rashtrawadi Congress? The reason is Poona Pact. And if some other seat is allocated as deal from Congress and NCP then why the responsibility to get the candidate elected given to them? The reason is Poona Pact. Today Poona Pact is applicable to SC and ST directly and indirectly it is applicable to OBC and converted mulnivasis. This means today Poona Pact is applicable for all the non-brahmins. That’s why if the symptom has to be destroyed then its cause has to be destroyed. Then and only then we will get self-respect and freedom. That’s why Rastraya Mulnivasi Sangh is creating nationwide agitation. In this all the mulnivasi brothers and sisters must participate.

(b)  Secondly, Dr. Ambedkar’s nationwide agitation was taken not of by Gandhi and his Congress. On 9th August 1942 they gave slogan of ‘Quit India’, ‘Chale Jao”, “Bharat Chodo”, Chalte Vha” to British. Together Gandhi ordered “do or die” to people of India. How come Gandhi who preached violence all his life had to incite people for violence? Why Mahatma had to abandon his ideal of non-violence. The reason is the nationwide independent agitation for self-respect. The man who preached non-violence referred as ‘Man of Principles’ Gandhi was compelled to issue order of violence. No one pays attention to this historic turning point. Gandhi – the man who always compromised with British, why has to resort to ‘do or die’ dictate? Why such compulsion descended upon him? Because if British stays longer in India then Dr.Ambedkar’s agitation will spread. Now he has only the support of SC, tomorrow ST will support him, they after tomorrow OBC, then Criminal tribes, then converted mulnivasis, and last even women will support him. Meaning if SC, ST, OBC, Ex CT, converted mulnivasis and women support Dr. Ambedkar. Then he will come on the most important post of the nation, the post of Prime Minister and two political parties will come into existence.

  1. Political Party of the Eurassian brahmin – Congress party – (brahmin Sabha)
  2. Political Party of the Mulnivasis – RPI – Then Congress will be compelled to ask for one or two seats with RPI.

To avoid this from occurring Gandhi used his last weapon ‘do or die’, Actually Gandhi was never non-violent. One British historian observed that ‘Gandhi was most violent person.’

In 1992 when he was a labour minister Ambedkar demanded with British 13% representation to SC. But British gave only 8.33% reservation. Then 12% and while writing constitution of India he made the provision of 15% reservation. Second most important effect of 1942 national conference meaning nationwide agitation was that Dr. Ambedkar emerged as true and genuine leader of the untouchables and he got the opportunity to write Constitution of India. He made best out of that opportunity. We are looking at the answer to the question as to how Ambedkar got elected to the Constituent Assembly in spite of strong opposition from Gandhi, Congress and their Chelas.

Vishwaratna, mahamanav, Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar struggled from 1916 to 1942 for 26 years and created awareness amongst untouchables and organized them, and on July 18, 19 and 20 in 1942 organized national conference of the untouchables. In this 75,000 activists were present: 50,000 men and 25,000 women. 1,500 Jatis amongst untouchables were present. Dr. Ambedkar accomplished most difficult task of awakening all these jatis and organizing them. In this national conference North India’s fair complexion  untouchables, central India’s wheatish complexion and South India’s dark complexioned untouchables were present. In short one nationwide agitation were given rise to. Untouchables were made the foundation of this nationwide agitation.

At a time when Congress and Gandhi did not leave a single seat vacant for the Ambedkar to get elected at that time people of Bengal urged Dr.Ambedkar to contest the Constituent Assembly elections from Bengal.   Muslim League person who was supposed to get elected left his place for Babasaheb Ambedkar to contest and get elected. People of Namoshudra jati voted for Babasaheb and Mahapran Jogendranath Mandal campaigned for Babasaheb. This is how Basaheb got elected to the Constituent Assembly by stepping and crushing the strong opposition from Gandhi and Congress. This was possible for Babasaheb due to 26 years of struggle to create nationwide, countrywide agitation across India. Today we are doomed because this agitation of ours has been crushed by Congress, Gandhi and their agents. Gandhi and his Congress could not tolerate that Dr.Babasaheb got elected to the Constituent Assembly. That’s Nehru demarcated the four districts –  (1) Jassor (2) Khulna (3) Borishal and (4) Faridpur – that elected Babasaheb into Pakistan. Even today when we look at the map these four districts that got Babasahed elected are in Pakistan. Pandit Nehru exploded his revengeful vengeance on these four Districts. Their only fault is that they elected Babasheb – liberator of Humanity on Constituent Assembly. The constituency which elected Babasaheb all the four districts of this constituency is thrown demarked in Pakistan by Nehru. By Which Nehru? That Nehru whom we call Pandit, that Nehru whom we call great socialist, that Nehru whom we call great secularist, that Nehru whom we call architect of modern India. Not only this, that Nehru to whom we call ‘Baccho ke Chacha’. This Nehru with the sense of vengeance demarcated all the four districts in Pakistan.

Conditions of India-Pakistan partition were as below:-

In that region hindus are above 51%, that region will be retained as part of India and that region in which muslims are more than 51% that region will be given as part of Pakistan. The four districts – (1) Jassor (2) Khulna (3) Borishal and (4) Faridpur – that elected Babasaheb Ambedkar to the Assembly against the wishes of Gandhi and Congress had population of 71% Hindus. Actually all these four districts should have been retained in India but Jawaharlal Nehru as a punishment gave all these four districts to Pakistan.

The people of four districts that voted for Babasaheb Ambedkar and got him elected to the Constituent Assembly, Eurasian Brahmins refer them today as ‘Bangaldeshi intruders’ and people of Bangladesh also does support them. Their plight is like being caught between the ‘devil and deep blue sea’. They were displaced from Bangladesh; Indian government chases them away as intruders. While those displaced from West Pakistan Indian government is resettling them in India. Example Advani, Manmohan Singh, all sindhi people etc. In short those displaced from East are termed as intruders and those displaced from west are patriots, meaning those displaced from west are awarded settlement in India. This is double standard in assessment. This is double standard state policy.

Most important is that all the four districts that elected Dr.Ambedkar in constituent Assembly were demarcated in Pakistan. As a result Dr.Ambedkar became a member of Pakistan Aseembly. His membership of Indian Constituent Assembly got cancelled. Babasaheb Ambdkar then went to London and me Churchill. But it was of no use. Then Babasaheb took the public stand that he will not accept the Constitution. In 1946 Lord Wavell in his radio address declared “Now we will not stay in India for long but we before we leave people of India must together form the Constitution of India. Power will be shared amongst three. (1) Savarna (2) Untouchables (3) Muslims

That that time there were three camps in India:

(1)  Savarna Camp whose leader was Gandhi

(2)  Untouchable camp whose leader was Dr.Ambedkar

(3)  Muslim Camp whose leader was Barrister Jinnah

In the meanwhile Dr. Ambedkar had boycotted Constituent Assembly and while boycotting had said, “We will recognize the Constitution only if we are granted Constitutional safeguards.” On the other side Nehru was in a hurry to take over as Prime Minister. British had put a condition that all the above three together must write constitution and Dr. Ambedkar had boycotted the process of Constitution formation. Congress was faced with major problem. What is to be done? Then Gandhi suggested to Nehru.

Gandhi   :  Nehru, What do Dr.Ambedkar want?

Nehru     :  He wants Constitutional safeguards to his own people.

Gandhi   :  Who will be Prime Minister?

Nehru     :  I will be the Prime Minister.

Gandhi   :  Who will be implementing the Constitution?

Nehru     : I will be implementing the Constitution.

Gandhi   : So what you do is give responsibility to write Constitution to Dr.Ambedkar. Let him write whatever he wants. Whether to implement that or not that you see.

Then Nehru’s eyes began sparkling. He was happy. This moment he understood true Gandhi. Immediately Nehru compelled Dr.Jayakar in Mumbai to resign and in his place got Dr.Ambedkar elected, and after electing also made him the chairman of the drafting committee.

Two committees were formed.

(1)  Drafting committee – Chairman – Dr. Ambedkar

Task: To write articles of Constitution

(2)  Constitution Committee – Chairman – Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Task: To approve the written articles of the constitution

On getting elected as the chairman of the Drafting committee Dr. Ambedkar expressed surprised and said “I am surprised to be appointed as a chairman of Drafting Committee”. This means that before appointing him as a chairman of the drafting committee Gandhi-Congress did not discuss, thought out, and consulted with Dr.Ambedkar. “You are asking for the safeguards for your people, then come you be the chairman of the drafting committee and include as much safeguards as you want.” This was a move to put Dr.Ambedkar in difficult situation. But what Gandhi and Congress knew that Dr.Ambedkar was far smarter and already knew of their plot. Actually Dr.Ambedkar wanted exactly this. That’s why knowingly he had boycotted the process of Constitution formation. In short Dr.Ambedkar had made this move to get what he wanted and he had succeeded in it. How Dr.Ambedkar was made the Chairman of the drafting committee by the same Gandhi – Congress and their agents when they worked hard not leave a single seat for him to get elected to the constituent assembly there by closing doors and windows of Constituent Assembly to him? This was impossible. Then how did this became possible? Pandit Jawaharlal was in a hurry to take over as Prime Minister. British were not ready to leave the country till all sections of Indian society collaborate with the process of constitution formation. Dr.Ambedkar was not going to recognize the Constitution of India till constitutional safeguards are guaranteed. Because of this pressure Gandhi and Congress appointed Dr.Ambedkar as the Chairman of the drafting committee. It was just a political decision. It was just a political adjustment. This was a part of their political diplomacy. It was their political game. This was their political decision and it was meant to solve their problem. Dr. Ambedkar was scholar in law, he was Bar-at-law, he was intellectual and that’s why Gandhi and Congress appointed him as the Chairman of the Drafting Committee; is the belief of the worshippers of Ambedkar. This is not true. Dr. Ambedkar was certainly a scholar, he was certainly an expert at law, and he was certainly Barrister-at-law. There is no iota of doubt about this. But Gandhi and Congress appointed Ambedkar as the Chairman of the drafting committee in order to get the support of his community to the Constitution. If they had appointed him the Chairman of the drafting committee based on his merits then Congress and their brahmin-bania Medias would have carried on the propaganda top of their voice. But you cannot read this news in single newspapers of that time. It was not announced on Radio or on T.V. In this way Dr.Ambedkar became the Chairman of the drafting committee.

Committee consisting of seven members was appointed:

(1)  Chairman – Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

(2)  Member    –  Alladi Krishnaswamy

(3)  Member    –   N. Gopalswami Ayyangar

(4)  Member    –   K. M. Munshi

(5)  Member   –    Sayyad Mohamad Sadullah

(6)  Member   –    B. L. Mittar

(7)  Member   –    D.P.Khaitan

Constitutional Assembly had appointed seven members on the drafting committee. Out that one person resigned from the Constituent assembly and his place was taken by another person. One person died and his place remained vacant. One let for far away America and his place was not filled again. Another member of the Assembly got busy in State politics and that much vacuum got generated. Two people used to be far away from Delhi and they were not enjoying good health. Finally it fell upon Ambedkar to complete the task of Constitution writing and completed it efficiently.

Dr. Ambedkar completed the entire Constitution in 2 years 11 months and 17 days. Constitution had 395 articles and 8 Schedules. Now there are 12 Schedules. House number of Rashrapita Jyotiba Phule’s residence at Ganjapeth, Pune is 395. To honor his guru, meaning to run the affairs of the nations from the framework of Phule’s house Indian constitution has 395 Articles. This is called gurushishya. One who completes incomplete task of his guru is real Shishya. “I am the only true practitioner of Phule” Ambedkar used to tell with self-pride. Eurassian Brahmins wrote manusmriti and through it took away all the rights of mulnivasis. All those rights of mulnivasis that were taken away by manusmriti Dr. Ambedkar gave back all those human rights back to them thorough Constitution of India.

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