Today in Indian History
Events for August 24

24-August-1600 East India Company’s first ship ‘HECTOR’ reached at Surat Port.
24-August-1608 The first English convoy lands at Surat.
24-August-1689 Calcutta city was established.
24-August-1690 This date is celebrated as Calcutta day, as Job Charnock came to Calcutta and settled here.
24-August-1833 Narmadashankar Lalshankar Dave ‘Narmad’, versatile author in Gujarati and social reformer, was born.
24-August-1888 Balasaheb Gangadhar Kher, Congress leader in Maharashtra and former Chief Minister of Mumbai, was born at Ratnagiri.
24-August-1889 K. Kelappan, freedom fighter, social reformer, revolutionary, educationist and journalist, was born in Calicut village in district Kerala.
24-August-1911 Veena Das, revolutionery freedom fighter, was born at Krishna Nagar, Calcutta. She fought in protest of Simon Commission and also during the 1930’s “”Chatgang Ammunition””. She took part in the assassination of Governor Stainley Jack
24-August-1916 Adinath Lahiri, famous geologist, was born.
24-August-1925 Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar passed away.
24-August-1946 Viceroy Wavell broadcasts Plan.
24-August-1946 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was appointed head of India’s interim government. He was picked as Vice President of India’s Executive Council by Lord Wavell who was British Viceroy of India. Nehru had conducted a campaign of non-violent resistance against British rule.
24-August-1947 Around ten thousand people were believed to have died in border clashes in Punjab.
24-August-1952 Merger of Socialist Party and Krishak Mazdoor Praja Party announced.
24-August-1959 England win 5-0 series against India.
24-August-1966 Mihir Sen swims the Gibralter channel.
24-August-1968 Radhakamal Mukerjee, famous Indian economist, died.
24-August-1969 M.Hidayatullah retired from the post of acting President. He was the first acting President of India.
24-August-1969 Varahagiri Venkata Giri (1884-1980), became the fourth President of India. He held this office till August 24, 1974. G. S. Pathak took oath as Vice President of India.
24-August-1971 Crowds invade the pitch as India beat England by four wickets for their first-ever cricket victory in London .
24-August-1972 Namakkal Kavignar, Gandhian poet and painter, passed away.
24-August-1974 Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed became the fifth President of India. He held this office till February 11, 1977.
24-August-1974 Varahagiri Venkata Giri (1884-1980) retired from the post of President.
24-August-1993 The government put off Religion Bill debate as it was unable to muster two thirds majority.
24-August-1993 Dinkar Balwant Devdhar, veteran cricketer and non-Test batsman of the 30s, died at the age of 101. He was the instructor of Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli.
24-August-1997 Skirmishes between Indian and Pakistani troops, which started on August 15, continue in Kargil, Uri and Kupwara sectors of Jammu & Kashmir. 50 Pakistani soldiers and 5 Indian soldiers were reported dead. High alert was sounded along the Line of Control.
24-August-1997 Union Government decides to eliminate the category of ‘superfine’ variety of rice for procurement.
24-August-1998 Leander Paes was ranked 73 in single’s ranking in tennis. This was his highest single ranking.
24-August-2000 The Calcutta Municipal Corporation celebrated the 310th birth anniversary of the city. A web portal on Calcutta was also launched on this occasion.











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