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Events for July 29

29-July-1748 Boscawen landed 25 km south of Pondicherry.
29-July-1802 Agreement between Gaikwad of Baroda and Britishers about the army.
29-July-1876 Indian Science Congress Association was established in Bowbazar Street of Calcutta.
29-July-1884 Tyagraj Paramshiv Kailasam, leading playwright of Kannad language, was born.
29-July-1891 Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, great Indian educationist, social reformer, litterateur and Hindi writer, passed away in Calcutta.
29-July-1901 Rudyard Kipling, the renowned author of stories and poems about colonial India and an unofficial spokesman for the British Empire, joined the rising chorus of criticism in regard to Britain’s conduct in the increasingly unpopular Boer War.
29-July-1904 Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhai Tata, president of Tata industrial group, was born in Paris, France. He was the first pilot of India to be conferred with the Bharat Ratna.
29-July-1911 Mohan Bagan became the first Indian football team to win the I.F.A. Shield.
29-July-1927 Madhavsingh Solanki, one of the leaders in Gujarat, was born.
29-July-1979 Choudhary Charan Singh was sworn in as the fifth Prime Minister of India heading the Janata (S)-Congress coalition. He held this office till January 14, 1980. Jagjivan Ram became the leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha.
29-July-1980 India won Gold Medal in Hockey at Moscow Olympics.
29-July-1983 First Pilot-less Aeroplane of India was tested successfully by the Aeronautical Development Establishment near Kolar.
29-July-1984 Troops were sent to Hyderabad to quell communal riots.
29-July-1987 India and Sri Lanka sign peace accord at Colombo in a bid to end the 5-year old ethnic trouble. This stance taken thereafter by the LTTE added several dimensions to the scenario. It was a multi-purpose role that the Navy has been required to play.
29-July-1988 Syed Modi, 28-year national badminton champion, was shot dead at K. D. Singh Stadium in Lucknow.
29-July-1991 Vazhappadi K. Ramamurthy, Union Labour Minister, resigns on account of differences on Cauvery water issue.
29-July-1993 Two bills seeking to delink religion from politics and to empower the EC to debar parties with religious names introduced in Lok Sabha.
29-July-1994 Indian army kills 27 Muslem militants.
29-July-1994 Opposition stalls parliament proceedings over the ‘Action Taken Report’ on JPC finding.
29-July-1995 Anup Jalota, famous Bhajan and Ghazal singer, was born.
29-July-1996 Aruna Asaf Ali, freedom fighter and player of important role in Quit India Movement, passed away in New Delhi. She was awarded with Bharat Ratna.
29-July-1997 India to revive ‘Agni’ Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile programme.
29-July-1997 Rabri Devi inducts 60 ministers, including 22 of cabinet rank, thus raising strength of her Council of Ministers to 74.
29-July-1998 The Pratapsingh Rane Ministry in Goa is dismissed. The Governor instals Dr. Wilfred Desouza as Chief Minister.
29-July-1999 Bandh in Mumbai to protest against the verdict barring Bal Thackeray from voting and contesting any election till December 10, 2001.

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२९ जुलै दिनविशेष

द्वारे | प्रकाशक संपादक मंडळ | २९ जुलै २०१३

२९ जुलै दिनविशेष(July 29 in History) ठळक घटना, घडामोडी, जन्म(वाढदिवस), मृत्यू(पुण्यतिथी, स्मृतीदिन) आणि जागतिक दिवस.

जागतिक व्याघ्र दिन

जागतिक दिवस

  • जागतिक व्याघ्र दिन

ठळक घटना, घडामोडी

  • २३८ : रोममध्ये प्रेटोरियन रक्षकांनी पुपियेनस आणि बाल्बिनस या दोन रोमन सम्राटांना त्यांच्या महालातून खेचून नेले. रस्त्यातून धिंड काढल्यावर त्यांचा वध केला गेला आणि १३ वर्षांच्या गॉर्डियन तिसर्‍याला सम्राटपदी बसवले गेले.

जन्म, वाढदिवस

  • १६०५ : सायमन डाख, जर्मन कवी.
  • १७६३ : फिलिप चार्ल्स ड्युरॅम, रॉयल नेव्हीचा दर्यासारंग.
  • १८८३ : बेनितो मुसोलिनी, इटलीचा हुकुमशहा.
  • १८९८ : इसिदोर आयझॅक राबी, नोबेल पारितोषिक विजेता अमेरिकन भौतिकशास्त्रज्ञ.
  • १९०४ : जे.आर.डी. टाटा, भारतीय उद्योगपती.
  • १९०५ : दाग हॅमरशील्ड, संयुक्त राष्ट्रांचा महासचिव.
  • १९२२ : बळवंत मोरेश्वर पुरंदरे, मराठी इतिहाससंशोधक, लेखक.
  • १९२५ : शिवराम दत्तात्रेय फडणीस, मराठी व्यंगचित्रकार.
  • १९३७ : डॅनियेल मॅकफॅडेन, नोबेल पारितोषिक विजेता अमेरिकन अर्थशास्त्रज्ञ.
  • १९५९ : संजय दत्त, हिंदी चित्रपट अभिनेता.
  • १९७० : जॉन रेनी, झिम्बाब्वेचा क्रिकेट खेळाडू.
  • १९७५ : लंका डिसिल्वा, श्रीलंकेचा क्रिकेट खेळाडू.
  • १९८० : फर्नांडो गॉन्झालेझ, चिलीचा टेनिस खेळाडू.

मृत्यू, पुण्यतिथी, स्मृतीदिन

  • २३८ : पुपियेनस, रोमन सम्राट.
  • २३८ : बाल्बिनस, रोमन सम्राट.
  • १०३० : ओलाफ तिसरा, नॉर्वेचा राजा.
  • १०९९ : पोप अर्बन दुसरा.
  • ११०८ : फिलिप पहिला, फ्रांसचा राजा.
  • १६४४ : पोप अर्बन सहावा.
  • १८९० : फिंसेंत फान घो, डच चित्रकार.
  • १९०० : उंबेर्तो पहिला, इटलीचा राजा.
  • १९८७ : बिभूतीभूषण मुखोपाध्याय, बंगाली लेखक.
  • १९९० : ब्रुनो क्रेस्की, ऑस्ट्रियाचा चान्सेलर.
  • १९९४ : डोरोथी क्रोफूट हॉजकिन, नोबेल पारितोषिक विजेती ब्रिटिश रसायनशास्त्रज्ञ.
  • २००८ : इश्मीत सिंग सोधी, भारतीय पार्श्वगायक.















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