Today in Indian History
Events for July 27
27-July-1887 Sardar Davar Tehmuras Kavasji, social worker and lawyer, was born.
27-July-1889 Branch of Indian National Congress, ‘British India Committee’ , was established under the leadership of Dadabhai Navroji.
27-July-1910 Bande Ali Khan, great singer of `Beenkar’ and `Kirana Gharana’, passed away.
27-July-1914 Kalpana Dutta, great freedom fighter, was born at Chatgaon. (27th July, 1914).
27-July-1927 Krishna Baldev Vaid, famous story writer and novelist, was born.
27-July-1928 Rameshwar Sahai Saxena, famous writer, lawyer and journalist, was born at Lalitpur, (UP).
27-July-1941 Japanese forces land in Indo-China.
27-July-1947 Princes were appealed to regard people’s paramountcy as a privilege.
27-July-1949 Agreement reached on the ceasefire line in Kashmir.
27-July-1959 Abbas Ali Baig scores 112 for India v England on debut.
27-July-1972 Charu Majumdar, father of Naxalite Movement and the founder President of C.O.I.(M-L), died in prison.
27-July-1982 Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi first visited the US in almost 11 years.
27-July-1986 The Supreme Court orders all-India test for medical seats.
27-July-1991 Army called out in Srinagar valley after an attack on security forces in which 17 persons were killed.
27-July-1992 Amjad Khan, famous film actor, died.
27-July-1993 Rao government defeats the no-confidence motion by 265-251 votes. Seven of the JD (A) vote with government as JD (A) and AIADMK decide to vote for no-confidence motion.
27-July-1994 Parliament votes to ban tests for determining the sex of an unborn child, as these tests have resulted in thousands of aborted female fetuses.
27-July-1995 11 Cong-I and National Conference activists were gunned down in J&K after they were abducted from their homes.
27-July-1998 Gian Singh, convicted for the murder of Sant Harchand Singh Longowal, is sentenced to death.
27-July-1998 B. B. Lyngdoh is sworn in Meghalaya Chief Minister.
27-July-1998 17 Hindus are gunned down in two Doda villages of Jammu and Kashmir.
27-July-1998 The Centre announces a hefty hike in the pay scales of university and college teachers.












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