Pankaja Munde

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Pankaja Gopinath Munde-Palwe
Minister of Rural Development
Women and Child Welfare
Government of Maharashtra
Assumed office
31 October 2014
Assumed office
Constituency Parli, Maharashtra
Personal details
Born 26 July 1979 (age 36)
Nationality Indian
Spouse(s) Amit Palwe
Relations Pritam Munde(Sister)
Children 1
Parents Late Gopinath Munde(Father)
Pradnya Munde(mother)
Residence Mumbai
Profession Politician
Religion Hinduism
Website Pankaja Munde Official Web

Pankaja Munde-Palwe is an Indian politician belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party. She is current Minister of Rural Development, Women and Child Welfare as well as Maharashtra State Guardian Minister for Latur district and Beed district in Government of Maharashtra.

Early life[edit]

Pankaja was born on 26 July 1979 to Central Cabinet Minister Late Gopinath Munde and Pradnya Munde. She has two younger siblings, Pritam Munde and Yashashari. She completed her graduation and also holds an MBA. She is a niece of late Pramod Mahajan, and a cousin to Rahul Mahajan and Poonam Mahajan. NCP leader Dhananjay Munde leader is also her cousin.

Her father, Gopinath Munde, died of road accident at New Delhi on 3 June 2014.[1]

Political career[edit]

Pankaja Munde served as the State President of BJP’s youth wing, the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), in 2012. She was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra from Parli constituency in 2009. She took oath as Maharashtra Cabinet Minister on 31 October 2014. She was allotted Ministry of Rural Development, Women & Child welfare and Water Conservation.

Before 2014 Maharashtra assembly election, Maharashtra BJP has also announced a two-week “Punha Sangharsh Yatra” planned & lead by Pankaja Munde along the lines of a yatra undertaken by Mr Munde in 1995 after which the Shiv SenaBJP came to power in the state. The 14 days long yatra started on 27 August 2014. Politicians like Amit Shah, Smriti Irani, Rajiv Pratap Rudy have attended this Yatra. Pankaja Munde covered 79 assembly constituencies by doing 600 rallies and 3500 km of road journey.[2]‘Punha Sangharsh Yatra’ got an overwhelming response and supporters of Pankaja Munde want her as Chief Minister of Maharashtra but she never aspired or planned to pitch herself as chief minister.

She said that she just want to play a key role in ensuring the BJP comes to power. During her tour and during the poll campaigns, people are saying she should take her father’s place. People were cheering for her at Amit Shah’s rally too. But she always said that she like to be the king maker, not the king. Purpose of her Yatra was to ensure the state gets a BJP government and a CM.[3]

Pankaja Munde and her panel won sugar mill election to Vaidyanath Sugar Factory in Beed district. The panel led by Pankaja won 18 out of 20 seats whereas the panel led by her cousin and Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Council Dhananjay Munde failed to win any seat.[4]

She is also known for her visionary work as she has completed A memorial of her father & senior BJP leader Gopinath Munde in record time. It has been developed at Parli in Beed district, inaugurated by BJP chief Amit Shah & all the ministers from Maharashtra state on the occasion of the late Union Minister’s birth anniversary. A 20-feet tall statue of Gopinath Munde unveiled on this occasion at the memorial, called ‘Gopinath Gad’, Work to develop the memorial in the premises of the Vaidyanath Cooperative Sugar Mill began after Gopinath Munde’s demise in a road accident in Delhi on June 3 last year. The memorial comprises Gopinath Munde’s ‘samadhi’, called Lotus Temple. It is in the shape of a lotus and is 72 feet tall, with an imposing gate. Social activities, drought relief, education scholarship & many such activities have been started to conducting through ‘Gopinath Gad’ Prathisthan.[5]

In June 2015, the opposition party Indian National Congress accused her of being involved in a scam, alleging that she had flouted norms by clearing the purchase without floating tenders. Munde rejected the accusations of corruption, arguing that a policy forf an online tendering system was not in place when she commissioned the purchase.[6][7] Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also defended her, stating that the norm of inviting e-tenders was introduced by his government in April, two months after Munde cleared the contracts.[8]

Munde clarifies on this news & says that contracts given as per the government norms. Maharashtra minister Munde has got some reprieve as the snack supplied to schools has been found unadulterated and fit for consumption by two government labs.[9]

Personal life[edit]

Pankaja married to Amit Palwe. The couple has one son name as Aryaman. She has authored a photobiography of her father, titled Lokneta Gopinath Munde.[10]


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आजपासून मी ‘पंकजा गोपीनाथ मुंडे…’

pankaja munde


‘पंकजा मुंडे-पालवे’ न लिहिता ‘पंकजा गोपीनाथ मुंडे’ असे नाव लिहिणार

महाराष्ट्रातील भाजपाचा चेहरा असणाऱया दिवंगत गोपीनाथराव मुंडे यांच्या जाण्याने केवळ महाराष्ट्रालाच नाही, तर अवघ्या देशाला धक्का बसला होता. त्यांच्या जाण्यामुळे निर्माण झालेली पोकळी कोण भरून काढणार, असा प्रश्नही निर्माण झाला होता. पण या सर्व प्रश्नांची उत्तरे गोपीनाथराव मुंडे यांची कन्या पंकजा मुंडे-पालवे यांनी त्यांच्या एका फेसबुक अपडेटद्वारे दिली आहेत. यापुढे ‘पंकजा मुंडे-पालवे’ या नावाऐवजी मी ‘पंकजा गोपीनाथ मुंडे’ असे लिहिणार आहे, अशी ती पोस्ट आहे.

दिवंगत नेते गोपीनाथराव मुंडे यांच्या राजकीय व्यक्तिमत्त्वाला तडा लागू न देण्याच्या उद्देशाने पंकजा मुंडे-पालवे यांची वाटचाल सुरू आहेच. गोपीनाथराव मुंडे यांच्या पार्थिवाला अग्नी देण्यापासून ते मुंडे यांची राजकीय वारसदार म्हणून कारभार सांभाळण्यापर्यंत पंकजा यांनी मोलाची कामगिरी बजावली आहे. या जबाबदारी मागोमाग पंकजा यांनी अजून एक मोलाची जबाबदारी पार पाडली आहे. पंकजा मुंडे यांनी त्यांच्या फेसबुकच्या अकाऊंटवर सोमवारी एक अपडेट टाकला. “पंकजा मुंडे पालवे असे नाव आजपासून मी पंकजा गोपीनाथ मुंडे असे लिहिणार आहे. एक दिवस अचानक सही करताना पंकजा मुंडे पालवेच्या ऐवजी पंकजा गोपीनाथ मुंडे अशी सही केली. मग लक्षात आले की, आता गोपीनाथ मुंडे अशी सही कोण करणार. ज्या नावाने अवघा महाराष्ट्र गाजवला, राजकारणात अढळ स्थान निर्माण केले, त्या नावाने अनेक पत्र, अनेक प्रस्ताव अनेक संस्थांशी संबंधित कागदांवर सही केली. त्या सहीने कैक घरे वसवली, कित्येक भविष्य घडवली, ते नाव मी रोज लिहिणार रोज !!! मी कोण आहे आणि आता कोण झाले आहे याची जबाबदारी मला होणार… ताई आणि ताईसाहेब यातील अंतर कापताना मी अनेकदा संपले आणि अनेकदा जन्म घेतला. मी पंकजा गोपीनाथ मुंडे बोलत आहे. आजपासून मी पंकजा गोपीनाथ मुंडे.’’ असा अपडेट पंकजा यांनी फेसबुकवर टाकला आहे.

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Smt. Pankaja Munde
Smt. Pankaja Gopinathrao Munde Palve
Constituency Kaij
State Maharashtra
Age 35
DOB Jul 26, 1979
Political Party Bharatiya Janata Party
Religion Hindu
Spouse Shri Amit Palwe
Children One Son
Education MBA
Positions Held Member of of Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra, President of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha.
Achievements Improving Textile Sector of Maharashtra, Horticulture – Ripe for the Picking, Shelter for All, Inclusive Development, Co-operation for Development, Ensuring Quality Education, Delivering Justice, Education – Shrine of Progress.
About Pankaja Munde
Pankaja Munde is the daughter of late Gopinath Munde, the BJP stalwart who forged the grand alliance of six political parties in Maharashtra including BJP and Shiv Sena. Though the 25-year alliance has come to an end and Gopinath Munde has passed away untimely due to an accident, his legacy is carried forward by his daughter Pankaja. She is not only looking forward to win the October 15 election from Parli constituency with thumping majority (Shiv Sena has not fielded any candidate against her) but is also looking forward to some big role, if BJP assumes power in the Maharashtra Assembly. Her OBC status and clean image are believed to give her the extra needed push for being entrusted with some crucial responsibility. She did an extensive tour of her constituency, interacting with the masses to secure her win.
Personal Life of Pankaja Munde
Besides being the proud daughter of Gopinath Munde and Pradnya Munde, Pankaja Munde-Palwe is also niece of another late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan. She was born on July 26, 1979 in Parli. Pankaja has two siblings Yashashari and Preetam (who is contesting Beed Lok Sabha constituency after the untimely death of her father in a road accident). Pankaja Munde is married to a doctor-turned industrialist Amit Palwe and the couple is blessed with a son named Aryaman.

Pankaja is a science graduate and has also completed her MBA. Before getting elected as MLA from Parli constituency, she used to be busy fulfilling her responsibilities as head of an NGO. She has been part of many NGO activities and numerous big social projects done in the district of Beed.

It is learnt that she wrote a computer program to help her father run a sugar factory in a more efficient way. In Pune, she also had managed a software company of her own. She used to have a passion for writing but her father insisted her to join politics.

Political Career and Activities of Pankaja Munde
The USP of Munde heiress is her down-to-earth image. Mingling with the masses and even having meals with the downtrodden during campaign breaks are some of her other positive traits. She is a good listener and jots down the grievances of women and poor while campaigning. Pankaja’s NGO work has given her first hand insight into the basic and developmental needs of people in Maharashtra, especially in Parli Assembly constituency and Beed Lok Sabha constituency. She’s banking upon the work done by her father in the constituency in the last 25 years to sail through the election smoothly.

Interestingly, she learns from experience. In February 2012 one of her convoy cars was attacked by some people and she escaped the onslaught by a whisker. This made her to launch an application for distressed women. The app is called ‘App Raksha’. When her father Gopinath Munde was feeling politically suffocated, Pankaja stood by his side and also urged the masses for strengthening her father’s hands for ‘getting his way in the inner-party struggle’.

In 2009, she became a Maharashtra Assembly MLA from Parli constituency but caught eyeballs of BJP leadership when she aggressively and extensively campaigned for her father during 2014 Lok Sabha election. Pankaja is also the Maharashtra unit president of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha.

Some of the political initiatives Pankaja Munde has been part of include strong campaign against female foeticide, work to improve people’s quality of life through implementation of water pipelines, implementation of lab facilities in hospitals for betterment of medical research, encouragement provided to women for participating in many social welfare programs, and many others.
WBDB15.10.2014 EBVD

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