Today in Indian History
Events for July 18

18-July-1634 Joannes Camphuys, Governor General of Dutch-Indies (1684-91), was born.
18-July-1695 Joannes Camphuys, Governal General of Dutch-Indies, died at the age of 61.
18-July-1857 The Calcutta, Mumbai and Madras Universities were established.
18-July-1908 Fourteen thousand mill workers go on strike at Bombay.
18-July-1909 Vishnu Dey, Gyanpeeth awardee and famous Bengali poet, was born.
18-July-1946 U.K. Parliament approves British Cabinet mission report on India but Churchill says that the mission went too far in offering India independence outside of the Commonwealth.
18-July-1947 Indian Independence Act, signed by King George VI, was proclaimed as Indian Freedom Act, 1947.
18-July-1953 Riots against increase in streetcar fares continue with demonstrators taking control of parts of Calcutta.
18-July-1980 Second Experimental launch of Space Launch Vehicle -3 (SLV-3) by Indian made 35 kilogram Rohini satellite (RS-1) successfully placed in orbit. It was used for measuring in-flight performance of second experimental launch of SLV-3. The launch took from Sriharikota and India became the sixth nation to put a satellite into orbit.
18-July-1980 Madras Doordashan Centre transmitted their first colour transmission for one hour in the afternoon, and this programme was re-transmitted simultaneously by Delhi Doordarshan, India.
18-July-1980 Naoomal Jeoomal, cricketer (3 Tests for India 1932-34, 108 runs), died.
18-July-1987 Amitabh Bachhan resigns his Lok Sabha membership.
18-July-1987 Arun Singh, union minister of state for defence, resigns from the cabinet.
18-July-1990 Following the end of six months Governor’s rule, President’s rule imposed in J&K.
18-July-1992 Kanandevi, famous Bengali actress, passed away.
18-July-1993 Dr. Banoo Coyaji, 75, gets Magsaysay Award for Public Service.
18-July-1993 India beats France 3-2 in a sensational Davis Cup tie to enter into the semi-final.
18-July-1993 Jayalalitha goes on fast on Cauvery issue.
18-July-1993 Rail, road traffic disrupted.
18-July-1993 Girilal Jain, 71, The Times of India editor, died.
18-July-1994 Munis Raza, famous educationist and former Chancellor of Delhi University, passed away.
18-July-1996 Union Finance Ministry gives final clearance to the Enron power project in terms of issuance of counter-guarantee.
18-July-1997 Fifth Pay Commission report approved by Central Govt.
18-July-1998 The Maharashtra Government bans the controversial Marathi play on Nathuram Godse, assassin of Mahatma Gandhi. It was produced by Mr. Udhay Dhurat.










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