Today in Indian History
Events for July 17

17-July-1489 Nizam Shah became the Sultan of Dehli.
17-July-1893 Lokmanya Tilak was arrested for 18 months.
17-July-1903 Joseph, versatile author in Malyalam language and critic Butshshor, was born.
17-July-1930 Lord Irwin,British Viceroy, allows Indian moderates to visit Gandhi in prison.
17-July-1935 Dr. Ram Babu Gupta, cricket test umpire for 11 tests from 1986-89, was born at Delhi.
17-July-1937 Delhi-Calcutta Express Train derailed near Patna killing 95.
17-July-1947 Ramdas Coastal Steamer sank off Bombay claiming 550 lives.
17-July-1948 Govt. announced that all discriminations against women in matter of employment will be done away with and in future, women will be eligible for any public service including administrative sevice and police service.
17-July-1974 J.P. Narain leads an agitation for dissolution of the Bihar Assembly.
17-July-1976 Mudliyar A. Ramaswami, Padmabhushan awardee, politician and industrialist, passed away.
17-July-1979 Jagjivan Ram elected Janata parliamentary party leader. Charan Singh is PM heading Janatha (S)-Congress coalition and Jagjivan Ram is leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha.
17-July-1987 V. P. Singh announces resignation from Congress; R. Venkataraman elected President of India.
17-July-1992 Lok Sabha rejects no-trust motion.
17-July-1996 All 47 ministers in Madhya Pradesh submit resignations to CM Digvijay Singh.
17-July-1996 Madras to be known as ‘Chennai’ henceforth.
17-July-1997 K.R. Narayanan,Vice President, wins in the Presidential election with a record margin to become the next head of state.
17-July-2000 55 persons die as a Boeing 737 of Alliance Air from Calcutta to Delhi via Patna and Lucknow crashes at Gardanibagh, one km from the runway at the Patna airport.














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