World’s highest railway bridge, taller than Eiffel, being built in the Himalayas.

Indian engineers are toiling in the Himalayas to build the world’s highest railway bridge which is expected to be 35 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower when completed by 2016.

The arch-shaped steel structure is being constructed over the Chenab River to link sections of the spectacular mountainous region of India’s northern Jammu and Kashmir state.

The bridge is expected to be 359 metres (1,177 feet) high when completed — surpassing the world’s current tallest railway bridge over the Beipanjiang River in China’s Guizhou province, which stands at 275 metres high.

“It is an engineering marvel. We hope to get this bridge ready by December 2016,” a senior Indian Railways official told AFP.

“The design would ensure that it withstands seismic activities and high wind speeds,” he said Wednesday.

Work on the bridge started in 2002 but safety and feasibility concerns, including the area’s strong winds, saw the project halted in 2008 before being green-lighted again two years later.

The estimated cost of the project, which is being handled by Konkan Railway Corporation, a subsidiary of state-owned Indian Railways, is $92 million.

The bridge will connect Baramulla to Jammu in the Himalayan state with a travel time of six-and-a-half hours, almost half the time it currently takes.

The main arch is being erected using two cable cranes attached on either side of the river which are secured on enormous steel pylons, according to engineers of the project.

The 1,315-metre long bridge will use up to 25,000 tonnes of steel with some material being transported by helicopters due to the tough terrain, they said.

“One of the biggest challenges involved was constructing the bridge without obstructing the flow of the river,” the railways official said.

“Approach roads had to be constructed to reach the foundations of the bridge,” he added.

Source: India building world’s highest railway bridge – Hindustan Times

Parth Talsania
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What would you do if a man were to abuse you because of the color of your skin or your country of origin? Most of us would be very angry or sad, but what Aminur Chowdhury did to a racist British citizen was the exact opposite.

Ben Gallon, a homeless British man had racially abused Aminur. Aminur realized that arguing was not going to help. So he decided to reform Ben through an innovative approach.
Aminur asked for Ben’s contact details, and asked him if he could come and pick him up the next day for an interview. At first Ben thought Aminur was joking or just being polite. But the next day, Aminur actually arrived in his car, took Ben to his friend’s place for the interview, and Ben got the job!
Touched by this gesture, Ben admitted his mistake and apologized to Aminur.
Aminur believes that tolerance is the best response to any form of hate and racism. He believes that the more love you show, the more the others will love you.

Aminur made us realise that we belong to the land of Gandhi.

Source: The Logical Indian
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After the amazing answers by Balaji Viswanathan and others, I think most of what anyone will have to say is covered. I’ll just add these three:

The best performance in terms of number of medals won in an Olympic by India.

This man who is of an Indian origin, winning one of the most prestigious awards for we know of!Manjul Bhargava.

And this man, becoming the CEO of Microsoft. Satya Nadella

Rounak Banik
Rounak Banik


My vote goes to a very recent incident.
A Sikh man removed his turban, thus breaking strict religious protocol, to help a profusely bleeding child who had been injured in an accident in New Zealand. He was hailed a hero all across the world and certainly made our hearts swell with pride.
Humanity before Religion.
Respect. _/\_


Dr. RAGHUNATH ANANT MASHELKAR, another pride of India.
During US President Barack Obama’s visit to the country earlier this year, the incidence below filled my heart with immense pride.
We all know that many Indian delegates were lined up in a queue and were introduced to Mr.Obama individually.

Amongst them, was Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, former Director General of
the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR). On his turn, he was also introduced as a scientist to Mr.Obama. As Dr.Mashelkar approached the US President, Obama exclaimed ” OH! You are a scientist? What science do you do?”  Dr. Mashelkar is a reputed and a revered personality in the country and he had never encountered such a question before. But, he kept calm and replied, ” I make science work for the poor.”

7.Saina Nehwal- World no 1
Saina Nehwal created history on Saturday as she became the first Indian woman shuttler to attain the world number one ranking.


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