Today in Indian History
Events for July 12

12-July-1295 Savtamali, famous saint, attains ‘samadhee’.
12-July-1489 Bahlul Khan Lodi, an Afghan and founder of Lodi dynasty, died in Delhi.
12-July-1576 Husain Quli, the new Governor of Bengal, defeated the rebels and put them to fight. Daud was captured and put to death.
12-July-1674 Chhatrapati Shivaji signed a friendship treaty with East India Company.
12-July-1823 First Indian Steam Engine Ship “”Diana-a-Gunboat””sailed in a sea near Calcutta. It was built by Kyd & Co
12-July-1864 Vishvanath Kashinath Rajwade, great Historian, was born.
12-July-1896 Dangambarrao G. Bindu, politician and father of Hydrabad Liberation Party, was born.
12-July-1909 Vimal Rai, film producer and director, was born.
12-July-1920 Yeshwant Vishnu Chandrachud, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India, was born.
12-July-1920 Siddharthacharry V, educationist and diplomat, was born at Mysore.
12-July-1932 The 16,000-foot Shyok ice dam in the Himalayas bursts flooding the Indus Valley at Kashmir.
12-July-1947 Pochiah Krishnamurthy, great Indian cricket wicket-keeper (1971 WI tour), was born in Hyderabad.
12-July-1949 Ban on RSS lifted on the assurance that it abjures violence.
12-July-1949 Dutch KLM Constellation crashes near Bombay, 45 die.
12-July-1957 Sahajada Karim became Aga Khan.
12-July-1960 Bhagalpur University was established in Bihar.
12-July-1960 Ranchi University was established.
12-July-1965 Sanjay Vijay Manjrekar, cricketer (son of Vijay, Indian middle-order batsman), was born in Mangalore.
12-July-1970 Major flood in Alaknanda river resulted in sweeping of buses and claimed 600 lives.
12-July-1980 Congress (I) gets absolute majority in Rajya Sabha.
12-July-1993 West Bengal Governor Dr. Nurul Hasan, 72, died.
12-July-1994 India expels Pak diplomat; Indian attache tortured in Islamabad.
12-July-1994 Vasant (V. P. Sathe), film critic, journalist, publisher and author, passed away.
12-July-1996 Bail granted to Harshad Mehta, prime accused in the securities scam.
12-July-1996 Lok Sabha adopts resolution extending President’s Rule in J & K for 6 months.
12-July-1996 Ram Vilas Paswan presents railway budget 96-97 with 10\% hike in freight and upper class journeys.
12-July-1998 India will not reverse the nuclear programme, declared Mr. Vajpayee.
12-July-1999 India sets a deadline for intruders withdrawal from Kargil, announces suspension of air strikes.
12-July-1999 Rajendra Kumar (71), legendary actor who acted in over 150 Hindi films, died in Mumbai.
12-July-2000 67 persons died in a landslide triggered by torrential rains in Ghatkopar, a Mumbai suburb.












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