Today in Indian History
Events for July 5

5-July-1658 Aurangzeb arrested Murad.
5-July-1857 Baigum Hazrat Mahal again attack on Lucknow.
5-July-1882 Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927), classical singer and Muslim mystic, was born. He was instrumental in bringing Sufism to the music.
5-July-1901 B. N. Sircar, producer and founder of International Film Craft and New Theaters Ltd., Calcutta was born at Bhagalpur. His films are Boker Bojha, Chorekanta, Chasar Meye (1931).
5-July-1905 Lord Curzon joined the part of Bengal to Asam and divided Bengal.
5-July-1916 Indian Women’s University was established at Hingne near Poona by Dr. Dhondo Keshav Karve with just four students. After 1920, it was renamed as Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Indian Women’s University.
5-July-1916 Archik Venkatesh Gopalkrishna, great poet, journalist and orator, was born at Dharwar, Mysore.
5-July-1917 `Hindumashinary Society’ was established by Gajanan Bhaskar Vaidya.
5-July-1946 Ram Vilas Jamun Paswan was born in Shaharbanni, Distt. Khagaria (Bihar).
5-July-1947 Indian Act, 1947 was presented in British Parliament, which was then accepted by the emperor on 18th July.
5-July-1957 Dr. Anugrah Narain Singh, great leader, freedom fighter, educationist and Minister of India, died..
5-July-1968 Naval Submarine wing in Indian Naval Force came into existence with the arrival of the first submarine from the Soviet Union.
5-July-1970 Indian ship capsized in Krishna River in eastern India claiming 150 lives.
5-July-1981 Rajan Mahadevan recites 31,811 digits of ¦(pie) from memory.
5-July-1984 Indian Airlines airbus hijacked, lands in Lahore.
5-July-1990 G. C. Saxena, J&K Governor, promulgates J&K Disturbed Areas Act, 1990, declaring several districts as disturbed area.
5-July-1992 Bahadur Prasad at London sets record for 3000m in 7.56.74.
5-July-1992 Centre scraps octroi in Union Territories.
5-July-1993 Air Marshal Swarup Krishna Kaul appointed Chief of Air Staff.
5-July-1993 Supreme Court dismisses the stay petition of Union Government regarding lifting of ban on the RSS and the Bajrang Dal by the Babri Tribunal.
5-July-1994 Kiran Bedi, Delhi IG, wins Magsaysay Award.
5-July-1994 Vaikom Mohammed Basheer, 86, Malayalam literary genius, died in Beypore in Kerala.
5-July-1995 Tarapur nuclear station controls the leakage and soil contamination within the natural background radiation levels.
5-July-1996 Janata Dal expels dissident Maneka Gandhi from primary membership of the party.
5-July-1997 Janata Dal splits. Laloo Prasad Yadav forms Rashtriya Janata Dal and Sharad Yadav was elected as the Janta Dal president.
5-July-1998 An Amusement and Picnic Resorts Pvt. Ltd. with five dolphins and sea lions was inaugurated at Mahabalipuram.
5-July-1999 Two buses, which were inaugurated from Dhaka, arrive in Calcutta.
5-July-2000 Rachita Mistry breaks P.T. Usha’s long-standing record in 100m (11.39s) clocking 11.26s in the National circuit meet in Bangalore.
5-July-2000 The Prime Minister rules out restoring pre-1953 status to Jammu and Kashmir.












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