Today in Indian History
Events for January 9

9-January-1664 Shivaji started Surat campaign and left the city after plundering the place.
9-January-1841 John Gil Christ, founder of Fort William College Calcutta, passed away at Paris.
9-January-1854 Govind Vasudev Kanitkar, noted poem writier, novelist and translator, was born.
9-January-1889 Dr. Vrindavanlal Varma, famous Hindi writer and social reformer, was born in Jhansi. He mainly wrote historical and social novels, most famouse being “Mriganainee”.
9-January-1904 Pratab Singh Chaudhari, social worker, was born at Multan, Punjab .
9-January-1915 Gandhiji reached Bombay on his return from South Africa. He became a member of the Indian National Congress. He was awarded Kaiseri-e-Hind Gold Medal for Ambulance service on Jan, 11.
9-January-1916 Ramkrishna Ramnarayan Ruia, great industrialist, was born.
9-January-1918 Harprasad Nanda, famous Industrialist, was born.
9-January-1919 Theophane A. Mathias, educationist, was born.
9-January-1922 Har Gobind Khurana, scientist of Biology, was born in India. He did his M.Sc from University of Punjab and, for higher education went to University of Liverpool. In 1959, he produced a chemical called “Coenzymea”, which is essential for certain processes in the human body. He was awarded Nobel Prize for medicine in 1968 along with Marshall W. Nirenberg and Robert W. Halle
9-January-1923 Satyendranath Tagore, Bengali litterateur, passed away.
9-January-1935 Britain signs the Trade Pack with India.
9-January-1935 Savita Jajodiya, famous Marathi writer, was born.
9-January-1935 Harishankar Sharma, great educationist, was born at Jaipur.
9-January-1946 Nanalal Dalpatram Kavi, famous Hindi poet, Gujarati litterateur, writer, headmaster and innovator of duel meaning phrases, passed away.
9-January-1971 Muslim leader Sheik Mohammed Abdullah was barred from returning to Kashmir.
9-January-1972 In 1971, 433 feature films produced in the world with a record and a top position in film production.
9-January-1976 President suspends seven freedoms guaranteed by Article 19 of the Constitution.
9-January-1982 A group of 21 Indian scientists team led by S. Z. Qasim started for the first ever Antarctica expedition on December 1981 – Jan 1982.
9-January-1993 An Indian Airlines TU-154 plane crash lands in Delhi, all the 165 on board escape; Civil Aviation Minister Scindia resigns; PM cancels Dhaka visit; SAARC summit put off.
9-January-1994 Indian diplomats and staff members evacuated from war-ravaged Kabul.
9-January-1995 T.N. Seshan, chief election commissioner, asks Centre to put off annual budget in lieu of State assembly elections.
9-January-1995 Manipur Assembly removes Dr.H. Borobabu (Speaker) and suspends his membership until state election.
9-January-1996 PM unveils India’s state-of-the-art Main Battle Rank (MBT) `Arjun’ at a New Delhi function.
9-January-1997 John Major, British Prime Minister, addresses plenary session of the ‘Partnership Summit’ organised in Calcutta by the Confederation of Indian Industry.
9-January-1998 Three RJD ministers in the Gujral Cabinet – Mr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, Capt. Jai Narayan Nishad and Mrs. Kanti Singh – resign.










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