Today in Indian History
Events for January 6

6-January-1664 Chhatrapati Shivaji attacked on Surat.
6-January-1818 Dominion of Holkar in India are annexed with Rajput states and come under the British protection.
6-January-1832 Publication of ‘Darpan’ magazine started.
6-January-1842 4,500 British & Indian troops leave Kabul..
6-January-1847 Saint Tyagaraja, great musician, died.
6-January-1932 Kamleshwar, famous Hindi writer, was born.
6-January-1932 Meenatai Thackrey, social worker, was born.
6-January-1942 Four of the flight’s six aircraft were promptly lost to Japanese bombing and No. 4 Flight gave place in Moulmein to No. 3 Flight which had meanwhile re-equipped with four ex-RAF Blenheim ls. B-314 completed first commercial flight around the world.
6-January-1947 All India Congress Commitee accepted the division of country.
6-January-1948 Security Council takes up India’s complaint charging Pakistan with aggression in Kashmir.
6-January-1953 Stalin Peace Prize awarded to Dr. S. Kitchlew.
6-January-1959 Kapildev Ramlal Nikhanj, cricketer (India’s finest all-rounder 1978-94, Cup-1982), was born in Chandigarh.
6-January-1972 America declared Naval Drill in the Indian Ocean.
6-January-1976 Baliram Bhagat elected Lok Sabha Speaker.
6-January-1979 Rohini-200, first monsoon experimental rocket, launched from Thumba.
6-January-1980 In the general election (7th) of India, Indira Gandhi led Indian National Congress Party gains two-thirds majority in the Lok Sabha legislative elections.
6-January-1981 Indian Ocean bed on their research ship Gavesani of the National Institute succeeded from the depth of 4,300 metres.
6-January-1983 Indian National Congress lost for the first time in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka State Assembly Elections.
6-January-1987 An International Conference to commemorate the 75 anniversary of the African National Congress opens in New Delhi.
6-January-1987 Establishment of ‘Maharashtra Journalist Fund’ Trust.
6-January-1987 Jaidev, famous music director, passed away.
6-January-1989 Satwant Singh (24) and Kehar Singh (54) executed for the murder case of Smt. Indira Gandhi in Tihar Jail at New Delhi.
6-January-1989 Lord Sudhindra Prasanna Sinha died.
6-January-1992 Sachin Tendulkar completes 148* vs Australia at the SCG.
6-January-1993 India and Bhutan sign agreement on the giant Sankosh hydro-electric project.
6-January-1996 CBI identifies two key figures – Satyanarayana Gauda and Daya Manikam Anand – in Purulia arms drop case.
6-January-1997 Sumita Ghosh (CISF) sets a National junior women’s record in the standard rifle 3 position in National shooting.
6-January-1999 Shiv Sena activists dug up the Kotla pitch in Delhi with a view to prevent the Indo-Pakistan first Test which was to commence from Jan. 28.







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